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World Environment Day 2017

January 24, 2018

Last summer, BRG had the unique opportunity of engaging with Kavailo Village on KarKar island in conducting an community wide celebration of World Environment Day. We worked directly with local primary and secondary schools in highlighting the importance of their sea and land. The children expressed their connection to the land through drama, song, and art. Student leaders even mobilized their communities to help clean the local water supplies of plastic and rubbish.



World Environment Day strikes a particular chord with the people of KarKar. Back in 2013, their tropical coastline was under threat of experimental seabed mining, a relatively new process that would have had catastrophic effects on the biological and cultural life of the island. Under the leadership of Kavailo villagers, KarKar island united in peaceful protest against experimental seabed mining. After overcoming many trials, the people were successful in their efforts and were able to drive seabed mining


off their shores. Now, these island communities come together once per year to celebrate their ancient cultural connection to their land for which they have fought so hard.


The following video not only captures the relationship of between the community and their island but the spirit and energy of the people of Kavailo Village. Enjoy!


If you would like to support BRG in our efforts in educating PNG's youth against the dominant development model, please donate to Sharing the Future today!



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