Sharing the Future

Investing in Young Papua New Guineans

The current model of development in Papua New Guinea unfairly and ruthlessly exploits the earth, its people, land and natural resources. Invaders, exploiters, and colonists have stolen our people's history and made us feel as though we were never important. When the colonizers arrived we were led to believe that the invading cultures were more advanced. As a result, we lost pride in our many achievements as a people.

This project will educate young people in rural & urban areas about the rich history of our nation. BRG sees the importance of young people both in the formal and informal education sectors as this generation will be making critical decisions about their land in the future. Their lives are dramatically changing by the dominant development model. BRG hopes to influence the school curriculum to ensure that students have the skills and understanding to go back and work effectively with their communities against illegal land grabbing and corporate manipulation.

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